About Me

Hi – I’m Lance! I’m a content marketing specialist, with over 15 years experience working both in-house and at agencies on a wide range of consumer and B2B brands.

During that time I’ve worked on a lot of content development, PR, SEO, and social media activity. And that’s what my blog is focused on: organic marketing. I mostly share my advice on building an audience and generating leads for your business without having to spend money on advertising.

Does advertising work? Absolutely it does, and if you’ve got the budget then you should definitely include paid advertising in your marketing strategy. But this blog is for scrappy startups and one-man-brands who need to bootstrap their business with no budget.

I’ll teach you how to get great results by investing nothing more than your own time and creativity.

I had a previous career as a gaming and technology journalist back in the distant past, before the internet really took off and print magazines roamed the earth majestically, but those days are long gone.

As well as working in marketing I have a side-gig as a semi-professional stand-up comedian.