Why do people follow brands in social media? INFOGRAPHIC

Following our earlier research into what consumers dislike about brands in social media, we wanted to find out what people actually want from a brand’s social media channels. We asked 1,000 UK consumers a simple question: What would be most likely to make you want to follow a brand in a social media channel like Facebook or Twitter? We’ve compiled the survey results into the infographic below:

An infographic showing survey results on why people follow brands in social media

Unsurprisingly in these austere times, most people chose Special Offers & Discounts as the number one thing that would make them follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter, with Funny or Entertaining Posts/Content coming in second. Interestingly, women were significantly more likely to choose discounts, and they were also marginally more keen on entertaining content than men. This became much more pronounced when we focused in on the over 55 age group – women in that category were far more likely to want discounts and special offers than any of the other gender/age groups.

It was also noteworthy that young women in the 18-24 group had noticeably different priorities than all of the other groups – they were the only ones who picked funny and entertaining content as their most important incentive to follow a brand, whereas everybody else chose discounts. Girls really do just wanna have fun, at least when it comes to social media, it seems.

What surprised us is that the ability to give brands feedback consistently came out as the least important for all demographic groups. So often in social media we talk about how important it is for brands to use these channels to listen to their customers and engage them in dialogue, but this survey suggests that perhaps consumers aren’t quite as interested in talking to brands as we thought. Or, at least, they certainly don’t rate it as important as getting discounts and being entertained.


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